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some clouds here, drizzle and fog along the coast. what about your monday barbecue? thanks for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist craig herrera. your job is never more important than on a holiday. >> especially this holiday, the end of summer, bash a you coos going. we'll have a lot of friends by tuesday. after that lots of cold air. today the weather headlines, somesh sunshines. tomorrow the same. labor day a couple of degrees warmer. you saw the cloud cover over san jose. there are no delays at sjc but at sfo. low ceilings. kris, we see the fog is 1,000 feet so if you expect somebody to fly in to sfo expect a delay. we have 50s for the north end of the bay. the visibility not an issue. san jose it's down to five miles, that ebs and flows as the
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wind and the fog comes in. temperatures 1 to 8 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. there is the visibility. notice san jose at the airport 5 miles. here is the forecast, 65 san francisco, 91, san ramon, 84 in san jose, and 86 through sonoma. kris, the middle of the week when i get the seven-day, quite a bit cooler. weekend looks great. >> we'll stay tuned. thank you, craig. this morning crews will continue to search a pittsburg landful for the body of a missing man possibly tied to a killing spree. searchers sifted through 3,000 tons of garbage at the keller canyon land fill but found nothing. they said that frederick sales was reported missing one day after 38-year-old efren valdemoro allegedly beat his father to death. valdemoro was killed tuesday after trying to outrun police. his girlfriend cindy tran was found dead in valdemoro's car. the shock of valdemoro's alleged
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killing spree is giving way to sadness for people who knew the victims. friends gathered for a vigil to honor cindy tran who was also known as jenny. and ricardo sales. tran worked at a salon, sales as a security guard in the store there. dozens of people shared stories how they touched their lives. >> they are very important people. they are very nice people. >> ricardo was my buddy as i call him. i slap him high five when i go to the bathroom when he would stand over by the wells fargo. >> they rented rooms in tran's house in hercules. in august police say that sales and valdemoro fought in front of tran. valdemoro was naked in the incident and police took pictures of his injuries.
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ricardo was found beaten to death days later. police are trying to figure out if there is a link between valdemoro and the killing of two women whose bodies were found. the husband of one of the women, charles rittenhouse, could have some of the answers but according to his attorney he is a victim. rittenhouse reported his wife missing on sunday but when officers searched his house later, officers found her body and the body of her friend also reported missing. they also found chemicals used in bomb making. police say they consideraten house a person of interest but his attorney insists that he had nothing to do with the death of his wife and her friend. >> i have reason to believe that the bodies were just put there sometime that day tuesday the day of his arrest. >> he had been there the night before. on tuesday he went to work and i can tell you there were no bodies in the house on monday night. >> rittenhouse pleaded not guilty to charges of felony possession of explosive material. this week family and friends gather to remember a 13-year-old
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track star gunned down in oakland as police continue to look for his killer. ♪ >> last night friends and family honored jimon clark's night at a vigil in oakland remembering his wide smile and what they say a larger than life personality. police say someone attacked the boy as he ran an errand with his brother on bancroft avenue. clark was five days away from starting high school and a week from his 14th birthday. so far no arrests related to his death. this morning the ntsb will continue its investigation into what caused a small plane to plummet into a redwood city lagoon. the twin engine plane went down after takeoff from the san carlos airport thursday morning. all three people were killed including bay area steel tycoon robert borman. crews finally lifted the plane out of the water recovered the two bodies of the people who died inside. and this morning we have audio of air traffic controllers asking a pilot to survey the
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wreckage site. >> aircraft appeared to go down in the vicinity of the oreckle building. make a left turn and see if you can see anything. >> as i said, the ntsb is continuing its investigation this morning but so far the cause of that crash is unknown. today the bay area college football season kicks off for usc berkeley and the first time that two law enforcement agencies team up to improve public safety following night games at cal. berkeley police will join campus police officers to improve safety in the south side neighborhood. the unified patrols are unique because they team up one city and one campus police officer in each of the two patrol cars. the patrols work the streets thursday through saturday night between 10:00 and 2:00 in the morning. when the cal bears play at home, more squads will be on the street before and after the game. so, now you want to talk
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football, right. laura behnke has a preview coming up in sports. a 20-year-old former san jose state student is suing that university after she says it failed to investigate sorority hazing and failed to protect her from retaliation. the 20-year-old was an honor student at san jose state when she tried to join a sorority there. according to documents howard claims she got a string of beatings, punching and paddling as part of ritualized hazing. she also sued the sorority and eight students. four of the students were convicted of misdemeanor hazing in criminal court and sentenced to 90 days in jail and two years probation. according to the "mercury news" san jose state also suspended the sorority until at least 2016 following their own investigation. in santa cruz private security officers will help to patrol the streets. it is part of a one-month,
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$5,000 pilot program that santa cruz police trained three security officers from the first alarm security and patrol company. one of them will work during the day and walk the sidewalks of downtown, and be that extra pair of eyes and ears. >> the community i think really is looking forward to it. have that extra sense of that third eye out there. >> police say they do have police officers for the night shift but will use the private security officers to beep uf patrols in holidays and daytime hours, the month long private security experiment ends october 3. >> this morning good and bad news for muni. today muni brings back 61% of the cuts they made recently and that means more service on the evenings and nights on nine routes. that should make the "f" line more efficient. the bad line is the new schedule reduces the number of drivers needed by 20. so the local operators union is
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trying to put the brakes on the plan with an injunction. if that doesn't work the chronicle reports that a sick-out could be in the works. the paper says that the flyer is allegedly circulating along among muni operators encouraging them to call in sick between september 14 and september 17. the union says it doesn't have anything to do with it. this weekend big changes are in store for a bay area thoroughfare. take a look at the sunol grade. crews will restripe 680 southbound carpool lanes and one or two lanes could be closed both nights this weekend and into next week in preparation for the opening of the bay area's first freeway express lane. starting september 20, solo drivers will be able to drive in the diamond lane as long as they pay a fee. still ahead on the bay area saturday -- the pat tillman story is billed as the story that the military doesn't want you to hear.
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and now you can be the judge. an explosive documentary that tackles the events leading up to pat tillman's death opens in his hometown of san jose. hmm, do i wear hats?
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i could wear hats, if i partook in hat type things (birds chirping) like strolling in an orchard ♪ is this my husband? awesome cool hat, mom oh my perfect kids
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alright fourteen ninety nine i totally wear hats ♪ the tillman story is one that hits close to home in the bay area and this weekend bay area moviegoer will be able to experience that story through the eyes of the people who lived it. >> pat tillman, why are you shooting at me. >> the critically acclaimed documentary accuses the military of a high level cover-up following tillman's death in afghanistan. the army said he was gunned down by taliban but weeks later the army admitted that he was in fact killed by friendly fire. tillman played football at san jose before giving up millions of dollars in the nfl to serve
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his country. today the feeland football team will join the director at the theater in san jose for a question and answer session at 2:00. two other bay area theaters will show the film, the shadic in berkeley and the century in san francisco. san jose police need help identifying a man suspected of robbing several banks in the bay area and sacramento. the recent robbery happened july 28 at the bank of the west branch on south deanza boulevard. look at the suspect. police say the man is in his 40s, usually wears a black nike baseball cap with a white long sleeve button shirt, denim pants and black shoes. he is also believed to have robbed banks in june and july in mountain view, redwood city, menlo park, and pacifica. the man is also connected to robberies in roseville and auburn. anyone with information is asked to contact the san jose police.
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the family of a man who was killed on oakland street last spring will receive a special gift at an event honoring athletes in the bay area. 59 yerl wu died from injuries in the april 16 attack. his son survived that same attack. he and his son were shopping on telegraph avenue not far from the fox theater, then they were attacked. a portion of the beating was captured on video. today the family will receive a $75,000 check from the organization and mcdonald's, the east bay chinese american organization will honor fremont native and figure skater kristi yamaguchi. the event is at 5:30 in oakland. you might remember back in early july when this fire almost destroyed san jose's trace elementary school. the campus lost 16 classrooms and its library to the fire and of course the teachers and students lost all of the
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possessions in the classrooms. now you have a chance to help rebuild the school in another way. the kohls corporation will give $500,000 to 20 schools which earn the most votes on facebook. if you want to vote do it quick. the voting ends tomorrow. the school has a chance at winning this money which would help them rebuild the school and buy new supplies. many of the teachers lost everything in that fire. a fight is brewing over sell phone towers, a couple's plan to let verizon build a tower on their property. >> could look like this one. neighbors worry it will be an eye sore and health risk that could cause a drop in property value. the planning commission rejected the complaint this week but the neighbors say they will take the appeal to the county board of supervisors. the couple already has three cell phone towers in their yard, the latest would be 15 feet taller than the other ones. coming up on the bay area
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saturday, if you are angling for a big catch you'll get the chance for the first time in years. what kind of fish is on the hook. >> a lot of people getting ready for the weekend. live over the golden gate bridge. a lot of fog. we'll get sunshine and monday will be your hottest day.
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>> take a live look at the golden gate bridge. as folks came in to visit the golden gate bridge they are going away with pictures that aren't going to tell the story. this is going to burn off and we'll have nice weather. >> exactly. especially into monday. plenty of sunshine even at the golden gate in the morning. right now we've got some mist and drizzle so yeah, layers if you head out this morning. kris, what is going on. let's take you live outside. give you a few more shots.
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san francisco, you can't make it out. that's what we're talking b. we should talk about mist and fog and drizzle. that is chilly. you got 50, relative humidity pretty high. here is a shot for you as we look over oakland. the fog back about 1,000 feet deep. visibility at the ground not so bad unless you cross the golden gate and parts of the hills into the north end and sky line boulevard. this is san jose. you make out visibility here for a couple of miles. it will clear early, we'll get sunshine going and highs back up in the 80s in a couple of 90s. let me show you what we have for today. couple of 90s in places like livermore, walnut creek over to orinda. tomorrow more of the same as we get into monday, though, the offshore comes through, wipes out the fog during the morning and we're warming up a bit more, just in time for summer barbecues or if you're headed to the lake or perhaps enjoying time with friends. delays at sfo for some flights due to low ceilings. we expect that in the summer. visibility that i was talking
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about most of the airports around the bay area report good visibility. san jose at 5. once you get along sky line boulevard and the north bay hills passing the golden gate you have fog and mist and drizzle along twin peaks over eureka valley. sunnyville and san jose, temperatures are running a couple of degrees warmer than this time yesterday. or cooler rather. rather cold air settles up right into the gulf of alaska coming in on wednesday. things change. drastically in fact. we have this ridge of high pressure today, tomorrow and monday. so labor day will be the warmest. that ridge gets stronger, the offshore on monday. at that point we have a couple of mid and upper 90s. 100 in the warmer spots. wednesday things change. we're going to drop into the 70s and those will be the warmer spots. statewide lots of heat right through the central valley, and at the beaches 60s. santa cruz, very nice, mid 70s. sacramento at 95. lake tahoe at 80.
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88 through reno. highs 65 in san francisco, 94 in livermore so big changes there. sunset at 7:34. we have low and mid 80s for the north end of the bay. around the rim of the bay, 70s and almaden valley, los gatos, morgan hill, san martin closer to mid 90s. the seven-day, notice how we'll stay about the same saturday and sunday. and even monday. monday the warmest day, tuesday we'll cool off. only a couple of 90s. most of us in the 80s. that's the low 90s for tuesday, then kris, wednesday a good 10 to 15 degree drop in highs on wednesday. cloudy, maybe rain for northern napa and sonoma county and north of there. that's one day. after that we'll steady off into thursday and friday. that's going to be a big change. the weekend again, looks nice. >> thank you very much. starting this weekend fishermen can bait hooks for king salmon, the first time in three years
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the fishermen have been allowed to catch that salmon in the bay delta estuary. the vallejo times report as group of fishermen will meet at the first street pier before casting the lines. the season will last through the end of the month. so bait 'em quick. still ahead on the bay area saturday, dentist by day, body builder by night. the bay area woman trying to drill the competition at miss olympia. >> coming up in sports last night in l.a., barry zito continues. the a's throw a shutout and the niners make their cuts early. find out who was on the list in sports.
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it was the best of times, it was the worst of times for bay area baseball last night. lau laura has the highs and the
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lows. >> good morning. remember when barry zito started out the season a perfect 5-0. that seems a lifetime ago. since that the lefty has fallen below .500 after losing his last four consecutive starts. for the last time he won on the road you have to go back to may 5. last night trying to turn it around. the giants face the dodgers in l.a., here on nbc bay area. also trying to gain ground in the division as well. bottom two no score but not for long. one on, take zuto deep to left. that ball is gone. 2-0, dodgers. just like that. stays that way until the fourth. two on for buster posey. going to the left. scores freddy sanchez and aubrey huff. a tie game. the giants showing signs of life until the bottom of the inning. zito facing the pitcher with the bases loaded and chad billingsley. that's going to score two.
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zito's, the giants fall 4-2. luckily the padres also losing, their eighth loss in a row so the giants remain three back t. rivalry continues as gonzalez and the a's open against the angels. six shutout innings. bottom seven, 2-0 a's when they decide to blow things open. kevin the long ball to center. a score on the two-run bomb. 4-0 a's. in the seventh, pennington with one on, home run to right. how about a pair of two-run homers to bookend the six-run inning. they win 8-0. they lead the al with 13 shutouts this season. the moment the players had dreaded came a day early for the 49ers. the final cuts don't have to be made until today at 3:00, mike singletary and company weren't interested in the inevitable. 22 players were released.
7:26 am
the most surprising among them michael robinson, the running back was believed to be safe because of his special teams skills, he was the special teams captain but according to singletary robinson didn't show enough on offense to merit a roster spot, ending his career with the niners. other cuts, wide receiver jason hill is gone and matt willhem. kevin urovich is out. nate davis and the 2010 draft class. the college football season is under way but the action kicks off for the bay area's own today. uc davis at 1:00 and stanford welcomes sacramento state at 3:30. the night cap will be provided by san jose state and a little team called the crimson tide, have you heard of them. yesterday the spartans boarded the flight to alabama where they open against the top ranked team in the nation, in the defending
7:27 am
national champ, what a way to start the season. san jose state ready for the challenge. >> they are excited about the game, ready to hit somebody else on the other side of the ball and enjoying the opportunity they get to play. >> we're excited for college football. that's going to do it for your morning look at sports. have a great day. >> you don't have to be an alum to enjoy the game. the world of dentisttry and body building will collide when a bay area dentist will try to become the second bay area woman ever to take home a miss olympia title. in two years natalie went from amateur body building to join the world elite on the professional level. in her first two pro competitions she placed in the top five. she took second in new zealand, her third pro show will be at the miss olympia in las vegas later this month. >> messaging me right now, that are asian american that say i
7:28 am
inspire them to go in the body building industry. i never thought about that that's really cool. >> no matter how many hats she has to wear, role model, dentist and potential miss olympia she says she is ready for the challenge and the blood, sweat and tears that comes with it all. much more ahead on the bay area saturday. coming up next at 7:30. >> they are truly heroes and i'm very proud of my husband for what he does. >> that is the wife of an officer shot in the line of duty. she's breaking her silence and telling us of the heartbreak and heroism, just ahead. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in,
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you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton. [ brakes hiss ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your iphone when you get at&t u-verse tv. at&t. rethink possible.
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good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez here with craig herrera with a look at the forecast. some folks may look to get out of town, flying.
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probably call ahead. >> exactly. a couple of delays up to 26 minutes for some. because of all of the fog out there. or if you expect somebody to come in they might be delayed getting here. take a little nap if you want. 50s now. other people traveling to the east coast, the story has been earl. it's moved up along nova scotia, it's now a tropical storm. the winds there are 70 miles per hour sustained winds and moving to the northeast at 30 miles per hour so the east coast will start to cool down finally after all of the heat. the hot spots livermore, concord 92 and almaden valley 91. let's of mid 80s for the north end of the bay and 65 in san francisco. kris, i'll have the seven-day in a bit including mobbed the hottest day just before it cools off in the middle of the week. >> i want to hear about. that thank you. this morning we know that fremont police officer todd young continues to beat the odds as he recovers from life threatening gunshot wounds and
7:32 am
we know his wife nicole has not left his hospital bedside. she is speaking publicly about the heroic effort to save her husband's life and what it all means for her family and their young children. here she is in her own words. >> i just want to thank everybody in the community and across the nation that have sent their well wishes to todd and myself, our children and todd's family. many times, unfortunately, officers get a bad name, and they don't deserve that. they are true heroes and i'm very proud of my husband for what he does. i was at home. i had just gotten home from picking up the kids from school and todd actually called me. he call immediate and said he
7:33 am
was at highland hospital and that he was okay, he had gotten hit in the leg. so i threw the kids in the car and came up here. i was told that he wouldn't let them put him to sleep until he called his wife. i was told on friday it wasn't looking good and they didn't think he was going to make it off the operating table. and my whole life turned upside down. not one moment -- in that one moment, doctors said -- he's my miracle worker right now. he and the trauma staff, they saved my husband's life. i hope forever be grateful to them. i talk to him but he's sedated but i talk to him every day all day. >> when he's conscious what's
7:34 am
the first thing you're going to say? >> that i love him and i want to bring him home to our kids. they miss him. they know that daddy was shot in the leg. and he's sleeping so he can get better and come home. that's all they know. and that's all they need to know. he's strong. he's very strong. and we have a long life ahead of us, so. he's going to pull through. >> doctors say officer young is still heavily sedated and has not been fully awake since doctors first began working on him last friday. he still has at least one more operation to undergo but they say his chances for a full recovery are now good. many community members donated blood in officer young's name. you can do your part through the
7:35 am
red cross. andrew is accused of shooting officer young. he will be arraigned in oakland on tuesday. he says he did not know the person he shot was a police officer. officer young and another officer were in plain clothes when they tried to serve him with an arrest warrant last week. coming up on the bay area saturday, terrifying moments at a popular zoo, a horrified audience watches as a young boy is mauled by a lion. >> yes and he's got a gun, going to the front desk, he has people on the floor. >> and chilling 911 tape as a gunman stormed discovery channel headquarters. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ] ...again. ♪ [ child ] run! [ man ] first it was the mailbox. then my squirrel. and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation to get the park down the street built. when it finally opened, i also used my points for... car repair. [ male announcer ] use your citi thankyou points for almost anything, even local charities. what's your story? citi can help you write it. taking a look at this wild fire that continues to burn in san diego county. now fire officials say they believe it was started by two illegal immigrants who set a signal fire after they got lost.
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cal fire says the pair made a cell phone call to mexico's emergency dispatch system on thursday saying they had been lost two days and they were going to set a signal fire so rescuers could find them. they were never found but remnants of a camp fire were found t. fire spread to 80 acres but it's 42% contained, full containment is expected tomorrow. there have been no injuries reported. this morning we have new audiotapes of 911 calls from inside discovery channel headquarters as a gunman stormed inside and took hostages. >> i'm right behind the main lobby in a secure space. >> in the main lobby in a secure space. >> yes. >> hang on just a minute. okay. you see anybody? >> no. >> all of those hostages were able to escape uninjured. and finally when it all came to an end police shot and killed
7:39 am
the gun man, 43-year-old james lee. >> this morning an 11-year-old boy is in the hospital after a sea lion mauled him in a show at the zoo. this is youtube video of what the exhibit looks like at the zoo in sydney, australia as it was post bid visitors last year. this is not the actual incident. but at that time the zookeepers invited a boy to meet a sea lion during the show yesterday. after seeing the animal the boy accidentally spooked the animal when he accidentally followed it off stage. the sea lion bit the boy leaving puncture wounds on his stomach t. boy had surgery and is now in table condition. this morning anti-war protesters in ireland tried to leave tony blair with egg on his face. the former british prime minister had arrived at book sooning in dublin, scores of demonstrators chanted blair had blood on his hands and began throwing eggs and a shoe at him.
7:40 am
blair was not hit by anything. in his memoir blair defends the invasion of iraq. still ahead, it is said we weet our eyes. but does food taste better when you can't see what's on your fork? we test out a new bay area eating experience so you don't have to. >> and all of the barbecues this weekend, plenty of sunshine. foggy start, mist and drizzle. monday the warmest day but cooldown in the middle part of the forecast.
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good morning to you. we know you want your holiday forecast. you probably have plans. >> right. but if you have a three-day weekend, absolutely. perfect weather for it just before the cooldown arrives. in the middle of the week. >> we're clear for monday. look at the golden gate bridge.
7:43 am
>> put the wipers on once in a while. notice the camera, the cars coming in from the north end. there is the headlight. wipers are going at times with the mist and drizzle. same for the hills. over to the east bay you've got plenty of fog, from oakland looking to the airport. we have delays at sfo, 26 minutes for some arriving flights. and lots of fog even across the south end of the bay as well. so all of the bay area waking up to cloud cover and fog. and we haven't had a lot of fog in the morning. a couple of days, but yeah, temperatures this afternoon will be a couple of degrees cooler than they were yesterday but still lots of sunshine and a couple of 90s, a couple. in places like walnut creek and livermore. so the weather headlines moving forward is today we get a couple 90s, a few more on sunday. and then monday just in time for the weekend plans, the three-day weekend, a little warmer. if you're at the lake over to anderson, any of the reservoirs you'll enjoy sunshine. headed to the beach today, half
7:44 am
moon bay, closer in to some fog in the morning. in the afternoon you get sunshine. 50s now for most of the bay area. 60s the south end of the bay. for the week ahead, cold air right there, and rain. we're going to talk about that. that will happen wednesday for the places north of napa and sonoma county. that's wednesday. there is a ridge in place, this is going to give us warmer weather today, tomorrow and monday. as we go through monday it gets closer to us and that wrap around, the winds become more offshore. so, at that point we'll have the warmest day on monday. this starts to break down by tuesday and then by wednesday all of the cold air i pointed out drops right over us, we'll watch for some 60s and 70s for highs. that's about it on wednesday. and thursday, maybe again rain for napa and sonoma county and north of there on wednesday. 65 through san francisco today, 94 livermore, 84 san jose and 83
7:45 am
napa. a couple of 90s left on the map. then as we go through the remainder of the week there is that cooldown on wednesday after the mid 90s in the warmer spots saturday and sunday. labor day weekend looks fantastic. the next friday and saturday back to average. look at that. is that beebe? >> all kinds of things. >> those are lhasa apsos. look at this. this is cooper and kia. this is my rhodesian ridgeback and this is my new puppy. look. he's so cute. i think he's a ridgeback and boxer mix. we adopted him. this is a little guy and other guy. mike. my friend mike. yeah. i like the names little guy and other guy. why not. send your pictures. they look comfortable. >> funny. other guy. >> see you later.
7:46 am
still ahead on the bay area saturday, the bay area's unique chefs with unique vision. are you ready for a restaurant with night vision, dining in the dark. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland,
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but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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we all know that the bay area's home to some of the finest food in the world. will diners dig in with the lights off? nbc bay area's bob redell goes dining in the dark. >> reporter: there are a lot of fun things to do in the dark. yeah. some we captain show you on tv, others are just downright unadvisable. like creeping up on jodie foster with her night vision goggles on. ouch. which brings us to opaque, in san francisco. >> this is certainly one of the only restaurants where you've got to check the menu before
7:49 am
you're seated because once you're inside the restaurant itself. >> reporter: you can't see a thing. >> you feel your eyes adjust in the dark but not here. >> reporter: that's the point behind this concept of dark dining. >> take away a sense and your sense to a high level. >> what does this do to the food. >> i think it enhances it. i figured out. sorry. >> i'm over here. >> i can taste the green onion and the soy sauce. it tastes stronger and flavorful. >> the concept might be new it's not for the people who work here. all of the servers are visually impaired one way or the other. >> my friend told me the human gps. you don't have to look to know the way out. i get that. once i walked the room i have an internal map. >> i don't need anyone to appreciate what i have to go through on a day-to-day basis.
7:50 am
what i want them to get out of this experience is a good time, maybe some knowledge about operating while not being able to see, you know. >> i stuck my finger in the butter. >> you bite into something you kind of distinguish what it is. >> it does make you wonder why this concept of dark dining hasn't taken off in a place like benny hannah. oh, that's why. in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> and your manners don't matter, i suppose. coming up next, it is kitten season. we have beautiful little kittens looking for a loving home. take a look at that face. how can you say no.
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finally this morning we have special guests from the humane society. we have elizabeth here and you
7:53 am
say that you have celebrity sightings. >> very famous kitten, you've got justin timberlake and i have jessica biel. >> tongue in cheek obviously. name them whatever you want. but you have plenty of kittens and you encourage people to maybe adopt two. >> those with the celebrity names are two for one adoptions for the rest of the month. we also think taking two home is a great idea. kittens are active and they play with each other. tire themselves out by the time you get home. >> now, you always come up with good ideas to try and get people involved but you have pretty good traffic there at the humane society of silicon valley. >> we're up to 5,000 adoptions annually and aiming for 10,000 in our new green facility. >> jessica and jess justin, they are ready to go home with you. find out more on the website.
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thanks for joining us and you for joining us. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.
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TOPIC FREQUENCY Oakland 9, Us 9, San Francisco 8, San Jose 7, Kris 5, Sonoma 4, Napa 3, Cal 3, Blair 3, Berkeley 3, Ricardo 3, Pat Tillman 3, Ntsb 2, Dodgers 2, At&t 2, Olympia 2, Brown 2, Jerry Brown 2, Tillman 2, Barry Zito 2
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